December 2011 Newsletter


Hi friends and sponsors

Xin chào

What we’ve just done

The last few months have been busy and people have been helping.

Our vital education fund sponsors have been supporting scholarships for women, traineeships for people with disabilities and internships for medical centre workers. Dr Jide has advised on how to launch the medical centre fund. Annabel edited the web site text. Ben is having a look at the official policy background. Sam our web master has regularly updated the web site and provided counselling about what works – and what doesn’t – over a cup of coffee.

Tien Cao, visiting from Huong Phuong via New Zealand, helped host three very local fundraising events – street party, market stall and a sponsors’ dinner. He also put many nights into compiling an audio CD of field recordings and a DVD of photos of Huong Phuong to music. If anyone missed out on the DVD and wants one, please email. Thanks Tien, and thanks for sponsoring the first medical centre internship.

What’s coming up

What’s coming up now? We need to have discussions with our project partners – the monastic community at Huong Phuong. They will consider what staged level of support they will need for things like:

Women’s education.
Disabled people’s education.
Village library/student study room.
Village medical centre.
Chicken farming.
Orphanage staff training.
Local village business enterprises.

We will then set up funding agreements and deliver support. All funding is intended to be staged and conditional on targets being met.

See you soon

hẹn gặp lại

Peter Kabaila