November 2011 Newsletter


Hi friends and sponsors

Xin chào

ATO endorsement as a tax concession charity

This October, Friends of Huong Phuong Orphanage Inc. received ATO (the Australian Taxation Office) endorsement as a tax concession charity (charitable institution). The endorsement can be verified online using the ABN at

Sorry folks, but this does not yet mean that donations are tax-deductible. For that we first need Ausaid endorsement. As part of the setting up for Ausaid endorsement, we are preparing a policy for ethical standards. Thanks go to Cathy Blunt, for providing the policy template and to Ben Holmes, who did volunteer English language teaching for a year in Vietnam and is now fine-tuning the policy.

Web site building continues

How can you “build” a structure that exists only on the internet and not in the physical world? Easy, just get help from our friends Annabel, who edited the web site text, Sam McKeon, who did the updates. Also Ian Melville – based in the beautiful NSW town of Lockhart – who kindly worked up a sound recording from Huong Phuong into separate tracks.

18th women’s tertiary scholarship

Welcome to the Mulcahy family, our 18th sponsor for the women’s tertiary scholarships. Luyen, who is studying pre-school teaching at Da Nang, now has two years of sponsorship, which covers half of her study costs.

What happens next?

We are expecting Tien, our first visitor from Huong Phuong village. Via New Zealand – it’s complicated! Tien will be helping explain our work to local people in Australia. He might also find out about fund raising.

Don’t forget, this is the fund where EVERY dollar you donate goes to direct assistance in Vietnam.

See you soon

hẹn gặp lại

Peter Kabaila