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Take a look at our video diary captured during a road trip in late 2017 to showcase the work we do in Vietnam. Completing small projects on the ground and working with local communities is how we ensure that donated money is used where it's most needed.


We leverage existing networks in Vietnam, including Christian monasteries and Buddhist temples. Nuns do much of the welfare work in Vietnam that governments would fund in Western countries. Monastic life is important in Vietnam for protection of the socially excluded.



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The Sounds of Vietnam

In these sound recordings from a typical day at a women’s Christian monastery (convent), 40 sisters protect their precious 350 year old monastic tradition with song and prayer chants. Their music underpins local culture and spiritualism in the villages. They belong to the Holy Cross Order and are based in the village of Huong Phuong, Quang Binh Province, Central Vietnam.

These sounds were recorded on a typical day. They include daily rhythms of sisters setting chairs in the dining room; crickets chirping in the convent courtyard; sisters chatting as they wait for the evening bell and choir practice in a poor village.

1. Alleluia

2. Canticle

3. Easter Alleluia

4. Grace before meals

5. Holy Spirit Prayer

6. Intercessions to Mary

7. Kyrie and Gloria

8. Nuns chatting