Our medical projects in the 2014 financial year included contributing to recovery from surgeries for Hieu, an acid burn victim, supplementing food for adopted babies, funding an acupuncture/massage kit for an orphanage, and helping burns victims in Quang Binh province.

Hieu’s surgery recovery and expenses

Some of our friends will remember the story of Hieu, who suffered acid burns as a baby. The first of Hieu’s series of facial reconstruction surgeries was in December 2013. The surgery was donated. We made post-operative care payments and set up a personal bank account with keycard access by Hieu, so she might cover some of her personal and medical costs.


$200 medical equipment

Acupuncture and reflexology (a form of therapeutic massage) is very popular in Vietnam. The equipment set was purchased by interpreter Nhung (who had also completed the course and knew the equipment range very well) so that Kiem, one of the nuns at An Binh Orphanage, could treat residents.


$250 on infant supplies

Buu Tri Temple Orphanage in Can Tho City is a private orphanage partly funded by Buddhists and overseas sponsors. With Long as interpreter, we bought a three month supply of formula, nappies etc for the new infants in the photo. They were born during the Christmas period and were left at the Temple by unmarried mothers. We also obtained and purchased a list of school materials needed for one semester of years 1 – 5.


Baby supplies

Previously we provided enough funds to an adopted baby at Cau Giat (Nghe An) to pay for a life saving heart operation. A year later I visited the family and purchased a supply of milk formula.




$260 on nursing study equipment

A household of 11 nuns attached to the Holy Cross order are studying nursing in Danang. Through Chau (interpreter) we purchased stethoscopes, blood pressure testing kits (three of each), a Vietnamese-English electronic dictionary and two Vietnamese texts for young men and women on how to life a healthy life.


$200 helps burns victims in Quang Binh

We contributed to a local fund to help a family in Quang Binh who were severely burnt in a petrol electricity generator explosion (managed by Trung Tran from Canberra).


Sample project from previous financial year

Planning meetings with a monastic community, pictured below, established the need for staged funding and for a special care unit beside an orphanage. Our Aussie volunteer, a retired architect, spent a week consulting with the community and designing the special care cottage. Building construction, beyond the scope of this charity, was then funded by another organisation.

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