October 2018 Newsletter

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Our annual report to donors is just finished. You will find it in “About Us”.I am grateful to our board, Julie, Dennis, Geoff and Clive. They have provided encouragement and support. I have regularly consulted Vietnamese-Australian friends Loan and Tiệp as cultural interpreters. They have provided a picture of what is happening under the surface. Thank you to our sponsors who have donated to this charity throughout the year. They are Clive, Vytas, Michael and Adrienne, Geoff and Rachelle, Hayden and Yến. Thank you also for donations from our friends Karna, Parika Saini, Mal Gahan, Julie and Jan; our Vietnamese-Australian friend Thủy, Kim Huỳnh; Christmas cakes fundraiser Greta; Aranda Men’s Group members Jock, Paul, Bill and Morris. The orphanage fund received large donations from our friends Dennis, Kyle Moffitt; Canberra Vietnamese Buddhist women’s group Liên, Loan, Hà, Bình and Dung.

Thank you also to our many volunteer interpreters and “fixers” in Vietnam. We relied heavily on the generosity of local people, some of whom were also volunteer interpreters, to carry out and complete projects. During the 2018 financial year we carried out a wide range of projects. This included encouraging children to attend school, medicines for a group of orphanages, and provisions to disadvantaged families. Free range livestock projects to raise household income were in Cần Thơ, Đồng Nai, Dak Lak, Phong Nha, Hà Tĩnh, Quỳnh Lập Leper Colony, Nghệ An, Phát Diệm. 100% of every dollar donated went to direct assistance in Vietnam, because we have $0 admin cost. This financial year, donation income was $16,335 and we spent $18,286 on projects. Funds were personally administered by us and our local helper network.