December 2012 Newsletter


Hi friends and sponsors

Xin chào

Good Christmas news for you all.

We are continuing assistance programs to Huong Phuong orphanage and scholarships for the sisters. Many people have contacted us about volunteering at the orphanage. So now Huong Phuong has many overseas contacts.

Recently I was also contacted by another remote community who are about to start an orphanage. This is a chance to get into a project at ground level and I look forward to visiting the community and reporting impressions back to you.

The natural next step in our evolution was to amend our name and expand our objectives, so that we might not be necessarily limited to one village community. So in December 2012 two special resolutions were made by our committee and we successfully changed our registered details.

Of course all the important stuff stays the same: Association registration number, Australian Business Number and Bank account number are unchanged.

New name is:

Friends of Vietnam Orphanages Inc

Reworded aims are:

Work in partnership with orphanages and village communities in Vietnam, to achieve a better quality of life for all, with a focus on children with disabilities.

Thank you sincerely for all your important support and good works. I wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas.

See you soon

hẹn gặp lại

Peter Kabaila