October 2014 Newsletter


Since the last newsletter, it has been a busy time for the Friends of Vietnam Orphanages fund.  A lot of projects at the village level. Also, help to students and people struggling to survive. I will soon report on some of this. But first, since the Rabbitohs have just won the premiership for the first time in 43 years, I would like to share a bit of Rabbitohs trivia with you from one of our Vietnamese friends:

When they played the Rabbitohs theme song¬†(‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’ ) over and over again this year, I instantly recognised it as the North Vietnamese patriotic song that I was taught in 1975. At the time, it had been announced that the song was ‘specially written by someone overseas to encourage the North Vietnamese army to win the war’, not that the North Vietnamese heard it after the Rabbitohs last won the premiership in 1971.